Click here for more information on the music/multimedia event at the Barrymore in Madison on Sunday, November 11: Armistice Day

November, 11, 2018 at the Barrymore Theatre in Madison, WI

Presenting new music inspired by the First World War, this rock ‘n’ roll history show will explore the conflict and the effect it has had on Wisconsinites then and now.

Featuring The Kissers, Sean Michael Dargan, November Criminals, and The Viper and His Famous Orchestra.


Facebook: Art by Amanda Zehren :Go like Amanda’s page here. Join us anytime after 3pm on the day of the show in front of the Barrymore as award winning, Wisconsin artist Amanda Zehren creates a chalk art piece. (She will also be creating a piece for Veterans for Peace-Milwaukee at their Armistice event.)


The True Meaning Of November 11: Reclaiming Armistice Day

The Wort 89.9 FM Access Hour Radio Show with Veterans for Peace-Madison, Clarence Kailin Chapter 25

“Reclaiming Armistice Day”: To interview veterans, play relevant music, read poetry of WW I, and discuss the true/original history/ meaning of Armistice Day.

Veterans for Peace are troubled by the way Americans observe Veterans Day on November 11th

“It was originally called Armistice Day, and established by Congress in 1926 to “perpetuate peace through good will and mutual understanding between nations, (and later) a day dedicated to the cause of world peace.” For years, many churches rang their bells on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month – the time that the guns fell silent on the Western Front by which time sixteen million had died.”

“To put it bluntly, in 1954 Armistice Day was hijacked by a militaristic congress, and today few Americans understand the original purpose of the occasion, or even remember it. The message of peace seeking has vanished. Now known as Veterans Day, it has devolved into a hyper-nationalistic worship ceremony for war and the putatively valiant warriors who wage it.”

Contact: John Fournelle

The Greatest War: Events List

Massive Spending to Enrich the Profiteers

US military spending is nearly equal to combined military spending of the rest of the world. Add in the black budget, veterans both in the system and relying on Social Security when they belong in the veterans system and the debt and interest related to military missions. The spending is massive as the nation is drowning in debt.


* Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

* Institute for Policy Studies, National Priorities Project
National Priorities Project Military Data

Veterans For Peace calls for a reduction in the Pentagon budget and an increase in spending to meet human needs at home and abroad. As military veterans from WWII to the current era of conflicts, who have trained for, and in many cases, fought in U.S. wars, we know that current U.S. policies have not only failed to bring peace but are morally bankrupt.

VFP Reject the military build up

Stop Recruiting Our Kids

The counter recruiting display used at Southwestern Wisconsin high schools this fall, 2018. On October 23, Veterans For Peace Chapter 25 member David Giffey spent lunch hours at Richland Center High School speaking with students and staff about the costs of war.

Literature on the table at left describes alternatives to the military including apprenticeship programs offered by building trade unions. Other high schools visited this fall include River Valley, Spring Green; Boscobel; Baraboo; Dodgeville; and Riverdale, Muscoda.
—Photo by David Giffey

for more on counter-recruitment…
Stop Recruiting Our Kids Campaign Website