Bylaws Changes


Throughout its many years of existence, this chapter, like many, has had a significant number of members who belong, pay dues, subscribe to the principles of the national organization, and can, to varying extent, be counted on to participate in major observances and activities.  A considerably smaller number attend meetings on a quite regular basis and participate actively in the decision making processes.  This smaller group tends to contain people who have other commitments and responsibilities; they prefer not to have administrative titles or fixed-term responsibilities.  They have a strong commitment to the organization but are not always able to attend meetings on a regular basis and they favor decision by consensus.

Under the described conditions it seems practical to institute a more flexible structure.  The proposed changes do that by eliminating elected chapter offices and providing for an alternative decision-making process.

It is moved that the bylaws of this chapter be amended by canceling the existing document and in its place substituting the attached.

Changes Passed 2/13



Clarence Kailin Chapter 25


The name of this organization shall be The Clarence Kailin Chapter 25, Veterans For Peace.

Current membership in good standing in the national organization, VETERANS FOR PEACE, INC. entitles one to membership in this chapter.   However, the number of associate members included as active members at any one time cannot exceed 25% of the chapter membership.

This chapter and its members subscribe to the purposes and goals of VETERANS FOR PEACE, INC.  It is expected that official activities undertaken by and in the name of this chapter will be consistent with those purposes and goals.


(a) Business of this chapter will be conducted at regular meetings which will be held at least once a month.  An ad hoc committee will establish and publish an agenda for each meeting  two weeks in advance. This committee will consist of members present.

(b) Time and place of each meeting will be published at least three weeks in advance.

(c) For officially binding business to be conducted a quorum of at least four regular (veteran) members is required.

(d) Any actions taken, or statements made, in the name of this chapter, must be authorized by an affirmative vote at two consecutive meetings.  Exception to this rule is possible only for immediately urgent matters.

(e) Prior to adjournment, members present will designate a presiding officer for the following month’s meeting.

(f) All meetings of the membership will be open to all.

(g) Meetings will be conducted in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order.

(h) Minutes will be kept of all open meetings and will be available for inspection by any member.


All committees will be appointed and approved by majority vote.  Such appointment will specify particular duties of the committee.


Assessment of dues is a matter subject to majority vote of the membership, with the provision that any such vote shall be announced publicly at the prior month’s meeting.


This chapter reserves the right to take appropriate action with regard to any member whose actions are not in the best interests of the organization; in particular –

  1. At any meeting or activity, behavior of a disruptive nature which significantly impedes the activity at hand, will be deemed, after appropriate warning, to be sufficient ground for exclusion from further participation in that activity.
  2. If any member who, while in any way identifying himself or herself as a member of Veterans For Peace, takes action or makes a statement which violates the principles of VFP, or which would compromise the organization’s status as a 501 (c) (3) organization,  or in any way fraudulently solicits or misappropriates money in the name of VFP, will be referred to the National Board of Directors for expulsion.

Before a member is referred to the National Board of Directors for expulsion, a panel of three members of the local chapter will be directed to determine the appropriate facts and prepare a written bill of particulars.  This bill of particulars will be sent by certified mail to the subject member, who will be given an opportunity to respond before the matter is forwarded to the national board.


Proposed amendments to these by-laws must be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors at least thirty days prior to the membership meeting at which they are to be considered.  A two-thirds vote of members present at the membership meeting shall constitute ratification.