Madison Veterans for Peace Chapter 25 has a number opportunities available to our local youth. Communicating with young people when they are forming ideas is critically important in order for them to learn more about the big picture and develop empathy for others. 

In an effort to reach local youth, VFP has two programs available: 

  • Truth in Recruiting – Madison VFP works to educate and inform young people to the realities of military service and give them options.  We have developed relationships with teachers and administrators in certain high schools that permit us to set up informational tables and discuss the alternatives to military service while recruiters are in the building.

  • Scholarships – Madison VFP sponsors an annual essay contest in which students are asked to address the question “Why is war (or violence) not the answer?”  High school seniors in Madison and surrounding areas can apply as announced at each high school.  Each year, one winner from a Madison high school is awarded $1,000 to enroll at Madison College (MATC) in any full or part-time course of instruction.  Most winners from five rural districts are awarded $500 scholarships to attend any school of their choice. 

Schools Outside Madison 

For more information on the eligible rural high schools, contact David Giffey at for guidance. 

Madison School District 

For information on Madison public high schools, contact Paul McMahon at

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Madison Veterans For Peace Youth Programs

David Giffey and E. Cobb, high school Truth-in-Recruiting table