War Crimes Update – US Presidents

Every living US President is a war criminal.

#Biden record on war crimes.

Joe Biden not only voted for the Iraq War, but he worked to sell the war.

Biden bombed Iraq. Biden bombed Syria. He bombed Yemen without approval by the UN Security Council. Bombing 60 sites is not defense. That was just a beginning, the crimes continue.

Few of these nations attacked the US first, that is aggressive war crimes. Preemptive war is a war crime.

He was commander as the US attacked the NordStream pipeline, blowing up the Crimean Bridge and attacking the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant were all war crimes, attacks on infrastructure that are not military targets. Biden arms the Ukrainians as they are slaughtered. They do not need to be sacrificed in order to fight a war with Russia, a proxy war.

Biden is a self-proclaimed Zionist who ignores the suffering and crimes committed on Palestinians. Biden arms criminals in Israel and in Saudi Arabia. It is illegal to arm criminals or to fund a side in a civil war.

Biden continues throughout his presidency illegal drone assassinations.

The Geneva conventions, and the UN charter and treaties with the power of U.S. law under the constitution.

Trump is also a war criminal. Trump bombed Syrians and Iranians. Trump continued illegal war crimes and empire across the world.

Trump accelerated the illegal drone assassinations, and he classified the information about them in a way that people could not see. He created more secrets.

You can bet Trump had the mercenaries busy. In Ukraine for instance. That has been going on for years. Trump is close to crazy greedy religious fanatics like Erik Prince


Democratic principles include transparency, accountability and rule of law.  Often the propaganda is telling us to violate rule of law and to treat some people as if they are more equal than others.  In the end, this is to benefit the corporate machine, ruling 1% richest few and the puppet politicians.


In addition, the US Congress and Senate fund the crimes and the weapons.  More crimes.