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Trump has been hiding the numbers of drone murders. (Hold him accountable too)

President from January 20, 2009 – January 20, 2017.  Barack Obama 

Over 8 years, how many bombs?
How many dead? In 2015 and 2016 alone, Obama oversaw the military and CIA as the government dropped about 50,000 bombs. 

No really, do the math.  How many do you think we have murdered?

“Tell me president, tell if you will How many people does a smart bomb kill?”
– Michael Franti

Obama forgave W. Bush and Cheney.
Clinton forgave George H.W. Bush and Reagan
Biden will forgive Trump
Democrats and Republicans will forgive Empire.  


1anot forming a valid part of regular legal proceedings,  an extrajudicial investigation bdelivered without legal authority 2done in contravention of due process of law

Drone Page : Veterans for Peace National

The road goes on forever and the party never ends


The Global Hawk

“In President Obama’s last year in office, the United States dropped 26,172 bombs in seven countries. This estimate is undoubtedly low, considering reliable data is only available for airstrikes in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and Libya, and a single “strike,” according to the Pentagon’s definition, can involve multiple bombs or munitions…”
How Many Bombs Did the United States Drop in 2016? – CFR  

“Given there is no publicly articulated interest by Obama administration officials in revisiting this approach, let’s review U.S. counterterrorism bombing for 2015. Last year, the United States dropped an estimated total of 23,144 bombs in six countries….”
How Many Bombs Did the United States Drop in 2015? – CFR

Drones have been shown to kill mostly people who are not the target. 




And there is, I am certain, among the Iraqi people a respect for the care and the precision that went into the bombing campaign.

— Donald Rumsfeld

Common Dreams: Obama Gives Bush “Absolute Immunity” For Everything

Thing is, Obama has no authority to overrule these laws.  I wonder who they are trying to fool?


St Pete for Peace: Obama Fact Sheet


“President Obama claims the right to order “targeted killings” of terrorists on his own authority.  “Targeted killing” is Orwellian language.  According to the New York Times, Barack Obama defines a terrorist as any military-age male in a kill zone, unless there is intelligence demonstrating he is not.  That’s not what I would call targeting.  The President has justified the killing of unidentified people based on suspicious behavior, or based on proximity to such people, because “they are probably up to no good.”  Drone strikes have been ordered on funeral services of people who’ve been killed by previous drone strikes….”

Due process and death warrants by Phil Ebersole

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