Help Promote Peace ~ Memorial Mile ~ Memorial Day Observance

Opportunity to volunteer in Madison, Sat. May 28th, starting at 9 am for a couple hours: You can help Veterans for Peace Chapter #25 set up the “Memorial Mile” along Atwood Avenue in Olbrich Park.

Because of COVID, for the past two years, we were unable to install the long stretch of tombstones, which we have created as a remembrance of one of the worst costs of war. We find the world today in a hazardous state and believe it is important to again install the Memorial Mile as a reminder of the costs of war, particularly when use of nuclear weapons is now “on the table”.


Do you think you might be able to assist with the Memorial Mile this year? Let us know as soon as you can.  Let us know if you can bring friends.


Please respond to John at

[email protected]


Volunteers are critical to installation of the 6,000+ tombstones (Photo by Paul McMahon)

One thought on “Help Promote Peace ~ Memorial Mile ~ Memorial Day Observance

  1. Mark Klekamp

    My wife and I had volunteered for setup of the memorial mile. However we have decided to visit our children in Virginia on Memorial Day week and we will not be available to help. We pray that sufficient volunteers will step up for this wonderful project.
    Mark and Christine Klekamp

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