The VFP Clarence Kailin Chapter 25 Book: Long Shadows

Long Shadows: Veterans’ Paths to Peace Edited by David Giffey

The long shadows of war follow all that have participated in the horrors that come with militarism, but some of those involved have taken those shadows on a path towards peace.

The men and women of the Madison, Wisconsin area Clarence Kailin Chapter of Veterans for Peace group, along with editor David Giffey have brought together nineteen interviews that share the stories of veterans and their paths to peace going back as far as the Spanish Civil War, with an interview with Clarence Kailin up to Patrick Wilcox, an Iraqi war veteran.

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“There is an immense literature of war, so any new entry into that formidable body of narratives…needs to be looked at carefully to see if it adds something significant to our knowledge of war and those drawn into it. I believe that this book meets the test and informs us, in ways that we will not easily forget.” – Howard Zinn

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