Massive Spending to Enrich the Profiteers

US military spending is nearly equal to combined military spending of the rest of the world. Add in the black budget, veterans both in the system and relying on Social Security when they belong in the veterans system and the debt and interest related to military missions. The spending is massive as the nation is drowning in debt.


* Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

* Institute for Policy Studies, National Priorities Project
National Priorities Project Military Data

Veterans For Peace calls for a reduction in the Pentagon budget and an increase in spending to meet human needs at home and abroad. As military veterans from WWII to the current era of conflicts, who have trained for, and in many cases, fought in U.S. wars, we know that current U.S. policies have not only failed to bring peace but are morally bankrupt.

VFP Reject the military build up

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