East Wash Affordable Housing-Veteran Preference, Scheduled to open 2021

Veterans will be given preference.  Some units will be low-moderate income, others will be at market rate.

“Today Gorman and Company informed TLNA and Alder Zellers that they have been approved for the WHEDA tax credits that they were seeking for the Valor project on the Messner site at 1326 E. Washington (site includes 1314 and 1318 E. Washington). They had earlier received commitments from both the City and County for allocations from their respective affordable housing funds, so their financing package is complete.

The development team will soon present the final exterior design details to the TLNA Steering Committee for the proposal. Assuming the committee meeting goes well, Gorman will subsequently seek final Urban Design Commission approval for the exterior…”

  • Patrick Heck, [soon to be former] Development Chair for Tenney-Lapham Neighborhood Association


“The six-story affordable housing project at 1314-1326 E. Washington Ave. for veterans and their families sits on the former Messner building site.

The project includes 59 units, 50 of which would be affordable. It’s estimated to cost $14.8 million, and recently received $950,000 from the city’s Affordable Housing Fund. The project is applying for federal low income housing tax credits. If granted, developer Gorman & Company could begin construction in 2020 and finish by mid-2021, a city staff report says…”

Affordable Housing Being Built on East Washington

1 thought on “East Wash Affordable Housing-Veteran Preference, Scheduled to open 2021

  1. Bradley J Geyer

    “Looking at the details it says if veteran-led families don’t take all the units with rents capped at 30% of income, then the developers will prioritize homeless families for those. So maybe this project is even better than I thought. Guess we have to see the actual numbers of rent due, to be clear about it. The project is getting city, county subsidies and federal tax credits so it ought to be offering something good.”
    – Barbara Smith


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